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Summer Capsule

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

I have NEVER been a summer clothing girl. Wrap me up in an oversized sweater, scarf, skinny jeans and boots, and I'm a happy camper. (Fall capsule I'm comin' for ya!!!) When I started preparing for this capsule, I had no idea where to begin. I did a little searching on Pinterest (you can check out my summer board here) to get some inspiration for color, especially. I settled on my neutrals being, black, white, and denim with accents of mustard and a spectrum of dusty rose/rusts. I kept my color scheme similar to spring, because it is still what I'm drawn to, and I was able to transfer over multiple pieces.

New Purchased Pieces

My favorite new purchase that I find myself wearing on the daily are the high-waisted Madewell jean shorts pictured. They are the perfect height and wash and most of all, mega comfy! My tip for Madewell is to sign up for their emails and wait for promo codes. They honor student discount in store as well. For full length jeans, bring in an old pair and they will take $20 off your purchase. The striped tank is also from Madewell. I love that it's not too form fitted, but doesn't look baggy (what I normally gravitate to). The Vans velcro tennies were a mega steal at Nordstrom Rack for under $30!!! I wanted this pair for Spring but they were $80 and I couldn't validate it. The sandals are from Target and were a bridesmaid purchase for my beautiful friend's wedding (yay no heels!!!). The pants are light and comfy, and are on Anthro clearance! As you can see, there weren't too many items that I needed to purchase. I fee like the more I keep up with capsuling, the fewer items I will need to add each season because of how much transfers over.

Friend Swap!

Some of my favorite new pieces had belonged to my capsule friends! I picked up these pieces at our joint yard sale, and have gotten so much use out of them!

The rest of the pieces in my capsule were transferred over from Spring capsule and my seasonal box.

Outfit Ideas

The awesome part about the capsule is that pieces should go well together based on the color palette and style you are sticking to. I switch how my pieces look by tying them, tucking them in, or adding a belt. In the picture below I use the same chambray button up tunic in two different ways. I've also used this same top under the mustard jumper and love it! Simple styling choices like this, help keep your slim wardrobe looking fresh!

My Friends' Summer Capsules!

My favorite part about capsules is the planning and bonding it has brought between my friends. I've included overviews of their capsules below so you can see some different styles and color choices. The four of us have stuck with Madewell, Nordstrom Rack, Anthropologie, Carly Jean Los Angeles and Old Navy as our major stores but each capsule still looks unique to that person.

Ashlyn's Capsule

Ashlyn is our print queen! I love that her color palette isn't as strict, but that everything still works together. Most of her jumpers are from Old Navy and look adorable on her! She is almost always seen with a cute hair accessory like a silk scarf or a brim hat that add a sweet touch to her capsule pieces. She is also the friend that got me to fall in love with velcro shoes! She has the rose gold version of my vans that are on sale right now for $39.99. I'm hoping to channel more of her print mixing for my Fall capsule!

Liz's Capsule

When I think of my friend Liz's style, I think classy and quality. The pieces she invests in look so nice and expensive! She decided to branch out of her neutrals in this capsule and add a bright poppy color for her accent! The bright off-the-shoulder top with the ties was a Madewell Nordstrom Rack find and she totally rocks it! She also owns the most Carly Jean clothing out of all of us, and the fabric on everything is so soft! Liz gets some of the best bang for her buck with basics that are so versatile. I hope to invest in some of her Madewell jeans in the Fall!

Abbie's Capsule

Pre-capsule, Abbie was our white/cream shirt addict. In her summer capsule, she added in some fun prints like florals and stripes. She is amazing at finding clothing with cool textures that add interest to an outfit. She also invested in a pair of high-waisted Madewell jeans that look awesome on her! She and Ashlyn both purchased Lotta clogs that they swear by! I am not a heel/wedge wearer, but they are making me believers with how comfortable they say they are. When I look at her capsule, it screams happiness, femininity and fun which is totally a reflection of her.

I hope that this post is helpful! If you have any questions on the pieces that aren't linked, or any other capsule questions, comment here or on Instagram. I still don't see myself switching from this minimalist wardrobe any time soon. Getting ready in the morning is a breeze this way and I love it! Happy Capsuling!

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