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Styling with Safavieh

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

I was so excited to try out the new Safavieh Disney Princess rug collection In Libby’s space! They had me at washable!!! Finding the right rug can be so tricky!! I used to try to match all of the colors in the room to the colors on the rug. It seemed like the right approach but it always made the rug be more distracting. But if you’re not color matching, how do you pick a good rug for the space?? With my last few rug purchases I’ve put together a few guidelines to help you choose the right fit:

1) Tones

Instead of looking to match the exact colors of your room, try to match the undertones. Do you have a lot of yellows, reds, browns- go for a warm tone rug. If you have a lot of blues and greys- go for a more cool tone. Using this approach will help your rug seamlessly blend in to the room. The Safavieh collection has 8 different designs to choose from! I went with the warmest tone to match the pinks/rusts/yellows of Libby’s room.

2) Design

This is a big one! Color matching a rug to your space is only one part of the equation. Matching the design is a huge piece that will take your space to the next level. Instead of matching actual prints to ones you have in the room, take a more general approach. What style is the room- boho, modern, mid-mod, farmhouse, vintage? Try to pinpoint the style and pick a print that is reflective of that. If you want the rug to shine, pick a bold print. If you want the room to shine, pick a more subdued print. When you combine the tone and the design, you’ll get something that looks like it belongs in the space 🙌🏼 I loved that this design gave mid mod vibes with a celebration of animation.

Then to styling!!

I LOVE having color in a space! Especially in my kids’ rooms. Having lots of colors can seem overwhelming, but there are ways to do it well. Here’s what I’ve learned along the way:

Give Space

It‘s ok to have a bold eclectic style! And to love color! I’m getting better at figuring out how to manage it, and I think Libby’s nursery is a good example. Two out of four of the walls have more blank space than filled space. This is important! It helps let the features shine and gives you a visual break from everything going on in the room.

This picture shows the use of that large negative space.

BUT how do you mange the practical space?

Instead of spreading out the cluttered space, I like to designate an area that holds the bulk of it. Here’s the busiest wall in Libby’s room:

Still lots of white but also SO much color! Use Neutral baskets to hide the smaller or not so coordinating pieces.

For artwork, my preference is to use big bold pieces that take up space. A gallery wall can be great when it’s the only thing on the wall, but can get busy with shelving and open bookcases. A large print helps take the guesswork out of coordinating lots of pieces.

Make quadrants/moments

When it comes to kid’s rooms, I love to create quadrants/moments throughout the room. A play space, a rest space, a themed space, a reading space. Take what you or your kid loves and make little moments throughout the room. With Libby’s room, I tried to group different aspects of Disneyland into little spaces:

Small World/Mary Blair


Doing groupings like this is subtle but helps make the story of the room more cohesive.

And most of all Have Fun!

This little space was a dream in my head come to life. I hope these tips help you design the space you‘ve been dreaming up!

Keep Making!

Mallory Erin

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