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Spring Capsule + 10x10 Challenge

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

As if doing a capsule wardrobe hasn't been rewarding enough, it jumped up a whole other level when I got to go shopping with my friends for the Spring capsule! It was a day that dreams are made of, 12 hours of coffee, great food, friends and guilt free shopping! It was so successful that we decided to tack on the 10x10 challenge that I'll explain below. Here's how our experience went down and what we ended up with...

Pre-shopping we filled out our workbooks that I linked in my previous capsule post. This gave us a focus for color palette and guided us through a list of 10 things we were looking for. THIS WAS SO HELPFUL! Usually I aimlessly wander a store finding something I'm drawn to, or that's on mega clearance and purchase it. This time, if it wasn't on the list, it wasn't getting bought. Here was my focus list for the trip:

  1. White Tennies- no laces, or else I won't take the time to put them on

  2. Joggers

  3. Overalls

  4. High-waisted jeans

  5. Basic T-shirt

  6. Blouse

  7. Simple Dress

  8. Light Jacket

  9. Cardigan

  10. Sandals

We also added to the workbook a list of things that we weren't allowed to buy (inspired by my friend Abbie who had about 10 white shirts for spring :) ). Mine were:


  2. No see-through clothes

  3. Stain forgiving fabric

  4. Nothing uncomfortable

Capsule Squad

After a quick coffee pickup, we started our day at Nordstrom Rack, determined to find as many of our listed items at discounted prices as possible. Three hours of combing through the store was a super success!!! I checked off basic t-shirts, blouse, simple dress (19.99 with pockets, white and not see-through!!!), white tennies (slip-ons at 17.99!!!), and a jean jacket (soft, stretchy and thin). I also purchased a baseball cap and hair scarf that went with the capsule. Accessorizing has become a game changer for me with owning less clothes.

It was so nice having three other opinions, and people to keep me in check when I wanted to buy all things unique and impractical.

Rack Purchases

Next up on the list: Madewell! I became obsessed with Madewell jeans when I bought a maternity pair and wore them almost every day for 9 months. Yes, yes, yes they are expensive, but nothing fits like them, nothing. They are made to last, not stretching between wears. They are definitely not an all the time purchase, but I'm trying to at least replace one set of my old jeans a year with one of their pairs. My group of capsule buddies has each bought a pair and is in love! Also, if you bring in an old pair of jeans, you get $20 off of your purchase. I tried on the highest rise jeans at Madewell that looked A-Mazing on my friend Abbie, but on me looked like a 90's mom (thank God for honest friends). I scaled it back and am ordering the 9" high rise. Side note, the high rise pants have built in spanx pockets in the front! Have I sold you yet?! I'm also ordering this shirt and looking to find a cardigan that looks like this one for cheaper.

Anthropologie was another stop where my friend Ashlyn had awesome success. She is tall and was able to find amazing shirts that were perfect in length (hard to find with the whole crop top trend floating around). She is my fellow mustard color loving friend (it's in both of our Spring wardrobes), one of the many things that we share in common :).

We also made a quick stop for my friend Liz at Banana Republic for some neutral work pants. That is one of the most frequent questions I hear about capsules, is how to incorporate professional work wear. There are no set rules, but I've heard suggestions of making two mini capsules, one regular and one professional. I have also heard of creating one larger capsule with work pants and professional outerwear to go over your regular blouses. Whatever works for your lifestyle! Again the point is to simplify, not over complicate.

We ended the night discounting again at TJ Maxx! I found the perfect pair of skinny, distressed overalls for $24.99, score!

A few of us also made online purchases prior to and after the shopping trip. One of my favorite online stores is Roolee. I purchased a basic chambray colored dress from them shown below. My friends and I also love Carly Jean. Most of the girls purchased their Capsule footwear online as well.

10x10 Challenge

On the day of Capsule shopping, Caroline Joy, the capsule blogger that inspired this idea shared her 10x10 challenge. Spring capsules typically run from April 1-June 30. Starting this Friday the 30th, she is setting out a challenge to wear 10 items only for 10 days (tops, bottoms and shoes). She often does this to start a new season capsule. It's a fun way to simplify, and also to learn to get creative with the pieces you have, and this time she's hosting a giveaway! I linked her instagram here if you would like to learn more of the details. In the adrenaline and inspiration of our shopping spree we decided to commit to do the 10x10 together. I have pictures below of each of our 10x10 pics. You can follow along with us as we post what we're wearing each day during the challenge. I'll be sharing my daily looks as well as featuring my friends.

My 10x10

  • 4 tops from Nordstrom Rack (Brands: Abound, Madewell, Gibson)

  • Skinny Overalls from TJ Maxx

  • Denim Jacket from Nordstrom Rack (Melrose & Market)

  • Dress from Nordstrom Rack

  • Skinny Black Jeans (old from Seven)

Ashlyn's 10x10

Abbie's 10x10

Liz's 10x10

I love how each of the wardrobes came out looking so cohesive! Everything is so interchangeable and is something I would immediately want to put on. Side note, if you're going on a trip, the 10x10 wardrobe is the perfect thing to pack! Easily mixable and not bulky! Keep a look out on my insta to see where I'm taking mine this week!!!

We'd love to have you join us!!! Feel free to ask any questions about capsule or 10x10 here or on instagram. If you're joining us, tag me at #malloryerinmakes so that I can see your looks!

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