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Small World Christmas Crackers

Does your family open these at a Christmas meal?? I didn’t grow up with them, but I’ve gotten to enjoy this fun tradition at my in-laws. I took a spin on the traditional paper crown that comes inside by adding some Disney flair!

Not only are these a cute addition to any plate, but they also provide an activity for little busy hands. You may get to enjoy a whole hot meal after all! Fill them with little trinkets, candy, crayons, jokes, the Christmas story or whatever you have on hand.

I didn’t have the snap paper on hand to make these actually “pop” but they are cute all the same! If you find some, you can add them to the inside of the paper tube.

You can use any wrapping paper. I found these Spritz sets at Target that worked great!

To get that traditional popper look, make diamond cuts with an exacto knife in the pattern below.

Use an empty TP roll or rolled card stock in between the diamond patterns, and wrap the paper around it. ( you don’t have to use one but it helps keep the structure)

Use tape to secure where the paper meets up.

Push the ends in, and the popper will automatically take shape. After adding your toys/candy, use a thin string/yarn around both diamond sections.

Add crayons, or leave crayons on the table to decorate the paper crowns. Use tape to put both ends together. To make an even larger sized crown, just print an extra sheet and use 3 strips instead of two.

You can decorate the outside of the poppers with the present toppers and add paper circles for the Small World clocks. Easy and make a big impact!

Small world crown
Download PDF • 1.11MB

I hope these bring smiles to your Christmas table!

Merry Christmas!!

Keep Making!

—Mallory Erin

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