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Royal Fascinators DIY

This post will either make you love me more or be totally annoyed by me. It's true, I'm on the Royal Wedding Train!!! I've been a fan of Meghan Markle from her role on Suits and loved her blog "The Tig" (moment of sadness that her internet trail is gone). Luckily my friends are just as Meghan obsessed, so we're having a "proper" Wedding viewing party on Saturday and I am so stoked! My amazing friend bought British Wedding Bouquet Tea and lavender scones for the occasion. We're all in people. I'll be loading up my insta the next few days with some Pinterest party inspo if you're planning on having a get together or even if you're watching solo! A lot of these ideas would even be adorable for a British themed shower or a pretty tea party.

With my sweet friends bringing delicious treats, I decided I wanted to make something fun to share. My only rule was that I'd only use what I had at home. I started researching some fascinators (no, I did not know this fancy word before today) aka fancy hats, and decided to use my felt and ribbon to make some for the ladies. To my surprise, they're actually pretty cute!

The fun thing about these crazy hats, is that you can use a lot of random things to top them: ribbon, faux flowers, fabric, pipe cleaners, feathers, felt. I've seen some ones that are pretty out there.

Make up a quick one for yourself, to feel like a Royal Wedding guest in the comfort of your home and pjs!

Royal Wedding Fascinators


  • Felt

  • Glue Gun

  • Bobby Pin

  • Toppers: optional: ribbon, felt, faux flowers, feathers, wire, etc.

Step 1

Decide on the shape for your base. I cut out some in a teardrop shape, and some in a circle (about 6 inches in diameter). You can try them on to make sure you like the shape. Then cut a slit (for the circle, cut to the middle) (for the teardrop, a smaller slit).

Step 2

Overlap the felt at the slit and hot glue it so that the center comes to a small point. This will give you a nice base hat. Again, continue to try on the hat to make sure you like the size. Don't worry about the point. You will be able to cover it later with the toppers.

Step 3

Time to start adding your toppers! I used ribbon, faux flowers and felt for the ones shown.

The above pictures show a progression of loops that I used on a lot of the hats. This ribbon in particular was easy to form because it had wire built in. As I went along with the loops, I added small dots of hot glue so that it wouldn't unravel. After you like how the loops look, attach them to the hat disc with hot glue, trying it on as you go along.

After attaching the ribbon, I added three faux flower with hot glue to cover where the ribbon meets the hat.

On this teardrop hat, I used the same ribbon technique (this time the ribbon wasn't wired) and just added a felt bow to cover the front.

This is my go to no-sew bow technique. Make two strips of felt and use the large piece first. Fold the ends until the bow is at the desired length that you like and hot glue the ends to the back. Use the smaller piece to create the middle of the bow so that it overlaps in the back, and glue it.

For this green fascinator, I simply made a bow out of ribbon and two felt leaves to hang down.

No matter what you use these for, I hope you have fun with them! Tag me with your fascinators and your Wedding Viewing Party shenanigans with #malloryerinmakes. Keep your eyes out for more party inspo on my insta and Pinterest, along with our party fun!

Keep Making!

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