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New Groove Backpack

Loungefly has been giving me all of the Disney bag envy lately!  Their stuff is soooo cute!  I have been really wanting to try my hand at my own Disney Backpack and decided to make it happen with an easy design (because sewing is the worst and I don't have a sewing machine because I know it will make me angry even looking at it.  end rant.).  I picked up this backpack from T.J. Maxx, that came in a variety of colors.  The red color just screamed Disney to me, and worked perfectly when I decided on a theme of Emperor's New Groove (one of the most underrated Disney movies of my time! y tho!??) 

The supplies were super inexpensive for this project, just a little more time consuming with the sewing.  I debated hot glue but then had this vision of my bag melting to pieces in this California heat and made myself take out my sewing box.  The fabric is a vinyl type material that can be found in the upholstery section at JoAnn's Fabrics.  I used a heavy duty needle and thread color to match the fabric pieces.  

I made up a pattern for the front of the backpack, Kuzco's crown and the earrings (PDF linked below).  I decided to make mine more 3D by stuffing the headpiece and earrings with cotton balls.

I loosely attached the earrings so that they dangle and give a bit more interest.  

I'm looking forward to getting some more Emperor's New Groove pins to add to the bag!

What Disney theme would you choose for a bag?  Do you have a favorite Loungefly design?  The new Small World one is calling my name!! Pins, patches and cute keychains could also make an easy backpack makeover!  Show me your homemade Disney gear by using #malloryerinmakes.

Keep Making!

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