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Monsters Inc. Wreath

After a fun movie afternoon with my son, watching Monsters Inc. I knew I wanted to create a playful project using the doors from the film. I love the unexpected color combos in the movie. They’re bright and vivid, perfect for a welcoming wreath!

Get the whole family involved by letting each family member create their dream door to add to the wreath. 😍

The great part of this project is that it has the polished look of wood, but is simple to work with. I used this pack of balsa wood on Amazon and was able to cut through it with an exacto knife.

I had so much fun giving each door some personality! Read below for all of the details.


  • balsa wood

  • wreath ring

  • gorilla glue

  • craft paint

  • exacto knife

  • ribbon


Cut Balsa Wood to door size.

I did a little trimming on the wood pieces to make them into smaller rectangles. This made them into a better size for the wreath I was working with and gave me extra scraps to add dimension details to the doors.

Paint the doors. This is the fun part! Make them look like the ones from the movie, or add your own flair. I added the scrap pieces to half of the doors to give a little dimension.

Make the holder for Boo’s door

Using more of the scrap pieces and an exacto knife, make the portal holder for Boo’s door. Attach all of the balsa pieces using the Gorilla glue.

Layout the doors and attach to the wreath form. Layout The doors and use Gorilla glue to attach them to the wreath. I gave my wreath a coat of purple paint beforehand.

Add a ribbon to hang Boo’s door. Use ribbon and a dab of glue to hang Boo’s door from the middle of the wreath. I added a small scrap of balsa wood to the bow to make a monster eye per Milo’s request😁.

That’s it!

Perfect colors for Spring and can come back out for some Monster fun at Halloween!

Keep making!

Mallory Erin

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