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Mickey Treat Valentines Boxes

Add some park cuteness to your Valentines gifts with these free printables! You can make your own box or start with a store box and add these prints on top. Get creative with the contents by making a salty mix for the pretzel or a pretend breakfast feast for the Mickey waffle. Your park loving friends will love the extra touch of magic!

If you want to tackle making your own box, all you need is foam board, hot glue and the printouts.

Trace the Mickey cutout onto foam board and cut with a craft knife. make a top And bottom piece.

Add the cutouts to the foam board using a glue stick.

Use strips of foam board and score them to make the inside box structure. Use hot glue to curve and secure it in place.

Use the solid colored paper to cut strips to coat the outside of the top lid. This will fit over the foam board to make the box.

Add tissue paper to make a little spot to add treats 💝. I added embellishments to the waffle like a little paper butter and hot glue for the syrup.

Make it even simpler by finding a pre-made chocolate box and adding these to the front and back. I found $1 ones at target that worked great!

Hope that your Valentines enjoy this little taste of the parks!

Keep Making!


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