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Mickey Picnic Basket

This has been the year to picnic! Any time the weather was remotely good this past year, we were outside. Nothing fancy, just a PB&J or a McDonalds Happy Meal but the change of scenery was life giving.

When I found this Ikea picnic basket, I knew it needed some Disney flair.

The fun of this project is that it’s not permanent, it’s easily removable and interchangeable.

Change up your baskets for different themes or seasons.


  • Ikea Basket

  • Foam Sheets

  • Wire

  • Gorilla Glue

  • Cricut (optional)


Form your wire shape.

I used a thicker wire to have more space for glue to adhere.

Make or purchase the daisies

I used my Cricut joy to make the daisies out of foam sheets but there are so many other options. You could purchase faux flowers or foam flowers. I love the idea of a seashell one for summer! 😍

For the Cricut- I added a setting for the craft foam so that it would cut at maximum depth and go over the image multiple times. I used a 2mm craft foam, so the machine created more of a perforation, not a complete cut. I think using 1mm craft foam would solve that issue.

Attach the Daisies to the wire

I used Gorilla Glue to adhere the flowers to the wire. Normally hot glue would suffice, but not in the outdoor heat.

Attach the wire shape to the basket

Although you could glue the shape directly onto the basket, I wanted a way to make It removable/interchangeable. I found an awesome roll of wire twist tie material at dollar tree to achieve this idea.

Place your shape where you want it on the basket and use twist ties or wire to weave under the flowers and through the spaces in the basket weave.

And that’s it! I only used about 6 twist ties and the shape doesn’t move at all!

I’d love to see how you would decorate your picnic basket!

Keep Making!

Mallory Erin

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