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Mickey Halloween Balloon Coasters

One of the cutest sights during Halloweentime at Disney, Balloons! These cute coasters were made using the Cricut joy machine. I keep finding uses for it, and it’s been a great surprise! All of the supplies for this project are linked here. For Cricut owners, I’ve posted the png pics below. I’m hoping to do a tutorial soon on how I use the machine with my iPad Pro. I cant imagine using it without a drawing tablet device. More on that later! If you don’t have a Cricut machine, don’t worry! I have lots more fun fall crafting planned!

I learned during this project that Cricut vinyl is colored on the sticky and non-sticky side! That meant I could put the vinyl on the bottom of the coaster, so the top is only acrylic. People use this technique with clipboard projects as well. Just make sure to mirror your image!

Because of this, make sure any layering is placed in the proper order. The most front image should be added first, with the balloon shape being put on last. That’s it! Just place on the back! You could add a clear coat of spray to seal the design if you’d like. The pack of coasters comes with 24 pieces, so there are so many possibilities!

A pack of these would make such a cute friend gift! The perfect reminder of Disney from home. I hope you give it a try!

Keep Making!

-Mallory Erin

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