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Mickey Ghost Topiary

Everyone has different levels of Halloween decor. We’re on team Not So Scary over here. Cutesy touches like Mickey dressed up as a ghost are right up our alley. I’ve been trying to think of more outdoor decor this year and thought a Mickey ghost would be so cute! The supplies are so simple and I think he makes such a great impact! Keep him as inside decor, or leave him on a porch for neighbors to see. And the best part, he can be changed seasonally! I love a changeable craft!


The Base:

There are multiple options to creating a base. I used cement in a pot to secure the wooden rod. Then later I added decorative rock over top. You could use dirt or anything that could support the heaviness of the stick.

The Mickey:

I decided to go the less expensive route and coated the large foam ball in moss, instead of buying a ready made topiary ball. If you buy two spheres like I did, cut an opening large enough for your rod or dowel to go through. The. You can attach the two spheres together with hot glue.

If you buy loose moss, use spray adhesive to coat the ball. I bought moss sheets, which worked well but we’re a little tricky to coat a sphere object.

For the smaller ears, I bought the topiary balls as is and did not need to coat them. If you do this, just make sure you buy a matching colored moss to coat the larger sphere.

Attach the smaller topiary balls to the larger ball using skewers. If they’re a little wobbly, you can secure with more skewers or glue.

You can see one of the seems from the sheet in this picture. I just took some of the moss from spots that had a lot and added it over the seem.

You could totally stop at this step and have a cute topiary Mickey! But to give him some festive flair, pull out an old sheet or some white fabric and start draping!

Mickey Ghost:

To make the Mickey face clean and easy to see, I wanted to apply the fabric with few wrinkles. To do this, I cut a front shape and a back shape for the ghost instead of just draping over the top. Then at the spots they met up, I secured with hot glue.

Use upholstery pins to secure the fabric in place at the top.

For the face, I lightly drew where I wanted to cut out, and used small sharp scissors to cut out the features.

He’s so cute! You can add a bow to make ghost Minnie, or make two to go together 😍. I’m so excited to see how I can change him up throughout the year!

Hope you have fun building one too!

Keep Making!

Mallory Erin

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