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Letterboard Mickey Ears

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Turns out that you can make just about anything a letterboard! When it comes to Mickey Ears, I like pairs that you can customize depending on the day. Not only do these ears have swappable bows, they also have customizable lettering! The possibilities are endless! :)

If you've used any of my other letterboard DIY's, you'll see that this is very similar, just in miniature form.


  • Headband (I found mine in the Target Dollar Section)

  • Foam Board

  • Cork (Hobby Lobby: I used the hexagon package)

  • Felt (whatever color you want your letterboard)

  • Letters (these were 1 inch, but I think .5 inch would look even better!)

  • Credit card/old gift card

  • Glue stick

  • Hot glue gun and sticks

  • Scissors

  • Whatever Fabric you want for the centerpiece/bow

  • Pom poms (optional)

Step 1

Use a Mickey ear template online, or a pair of ears if you own some already, to trace out on the cork and foam board.

Step 2

Decide how many rows you want in your letterboard and cut the foam board ears into even strips. (You will lose about one row due to spacing).

Step 3

Hot glue the foam board strips onto the cork ears, leaving as little space in between as possible (this will help the letters hold to the board tightly).

Step 4

Cut larger squares of the felt to make it easier to work with, one for each ear. Use a glue stick over all of the foam and place the felt on top. Begin working right away to tuck the felt into the lines so that the glue does not completely dry. Use a credit card to tuck in the felt line by line, pushing it all the way in. As you move across, place your hand on the previously line and apply light pressure so that the felt doesn't untuck as you go. You can keep applying glue with the glue stick as needed.

Step 5

Cut the excess felt off around the edge of the ear, leaving enough to glue around the rim.

Step 6

Hot glue the felt around the rim to cover. Trim off any excess. I made a border for the back of my ears so that they would look more finished, and cover some of the felt folds. You could always cover the whole back with felt if you prefer it to the cork.

Step 7

If you haven't already, trim the bottom of the ear to curve slightly to the headband and secure on with hot glue.

Step 8

Decorate! I decided to use pom poms to create a border, using hot glue. If you can find cute pom pom ribbon, that would be even easier! My Zero and Jack Skellingtion bow were made from felt, pom poms, and paint.

That's it! The cork on the back could be a great place to display a pin or two, or to showcase any painted designs. Of course as with many ears, I wouldn't recommend wearing these on rides because of the letters. If you are worried about letters, you could always use sticker letters like I used in the letterboard card tutorial here, or secure your regular letters with some clear glue dots (found in the scrapbooking section at Target). Please tag me if you decide to make these Letterboard Ears! I love seeing your work!

Some other Quote Ideas:

  • You Can Fly!

  • Wrong Lever!

  • Adventure is Out There!

  • To Infinity & Beyond!

  • I Can Fix It!

Keep Making!

Mallory Erin

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