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Letterboard Cards

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Hey all you planners (and people who are just realizing this)! Mother's Day is 1 month away!!! This month I'll be posting some modern mama Mother's Day projects to get away from the traditional homemade gifts, that look well... homemade. We're kicking it off this week with letterboard cards that you can personalize to be sweet or silly!

To begin this series I want to acknowledge that this day can come with many mixed emotions. While many celebrate with great joy, there are also many that are experiencing feelings of deep loss. Get creative this Mother's Day by thinking of those who could use a smile on this day, and gift them with something special.

Letterboard Cards


  • Scissors

  • Paper Cutter (optional but speeds up the process)

  • Corrugated Scrapbook Paper (Hobby Lobby linked here)

  • Light Brown Scrapbook Paper for "frame"

  • Black or White Paint (for "letterboard")

  • Blank Greeting Card with Envelope

  • Foam Letter Stickers (Michael's linked here)

  • Hot Glue Gun

This Project was super easy and makes a great impact! I love that you can personalize them however you'd like.

1. First, if you can find white or black corrugated scrapbook paper, pleeeease let me know! I searched big time! The brown corrugated paper, was fine painted, but it would be so nice to eliminate one more step! Anyways, step one is to paint the corrugated paper white or black to your preference (or any color really!). Don't paint it on too heavy, or else the corrugated lines may lift a bit. Let dry.

2. Next, cut your corrugated piece to fit your card, leaving a small gap around all of the edges, where your "frame" will overlap. Once cut, hot glue the corrugated piece to the card.

3. Use a paper cutter if you have one to cut slim pieces of the light brown paper to make the frame. You will want to have 4 pieces to go around the edges of your card. I cut mine into two strips of the same width and then cut them to length, to fit the card. Cut the corners roughly at a 45 degree angle to make it look more frame like. Hot glue the edges to the card, overlapping over the corrugated board.

4. Add your stickers to say whatever you'd like! These Thickers stickers worked perfectly because of how 3D they are. They look like actual letterboard letters and stay really well, without needing any glue.

I'd love to see if you make up some of these for your loved ones! Tag me in all of your sweet and silly sayings with #malloryerinmakes.

Keep Making!

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