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Leather Headband DIY

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

First off, does anyone else have a difficult time figuring out how to place a headband to look right? Just me? When I was thinking of this DIY, I wanted it to be versatile enough to not just be placed like a standard headband. Having long tie offs makes this hair piece great for a top knot, pony or an all down look and the leather material makes it the perfect neutral for accessorizing.

I love it! This project was super quick and cost under $6 with a Hobby Lobby Coupon!


  • Small Piece of Real Leather (Hobby Lobby)

  • Thin Faux Leather Cord (in similar color to leather scrap, Hobby Lobby)

  • Hot Glue Gun

Here are the supplies I used from Hobby Lobby. Only one piece of leather was needed for this project.

Leather Headband DIY

1. First, I found the middle of the leather cord, leaving the length so that it can be wrapped or cut to size later. I used this extra board that I had to wrap the cord around to keep it in place while I placed the leaves.

2. Next, I started cutting small leaves from the leather scrap. I kept them similar in size but didn't stress about making them all perfect. I think it looks best having them with slight differences.

This pic also shows the amount of leather I used for the project. Not a lot!

3. When placing the leaves on the cord, I kept the majority facing one way, with just a little less than half facing the opposite way (again I like the imperfect, non-symmetrical look but you could do whatever!). When it came to the ends, I cut a few smaller leaves, so that it looked like they were tapering off.

4. Once I felt like I liked the design, I picked up the board, the cord got caught, and the leaves fell on the there's that. If you can successfully transfer your layout to the glue gun, that's ideal, and more power to you. From there, all you need to do is use light dots of hot glue to attach the leaves. I started at the centers and worked my way towards the ends, overlapping the leaves as I went along.

I kept the length on my cords so that I can use it for multiple hairstyles, but I'm sure I'll end up cutting them at some point. You can keep the length and add them to a cute Mother's Day card like the letterboard cards from last week!

So Cute!!!

Tag me in your creations with #malloryerinmakes ! I'd love to see what you create and how you use your accesory!

Keep Making!

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