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Hoop Photo Wreath DIY

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

When it comes to Mother's Day, it's hard to go wrong with a cute pic of a kiddo or grandkiddo (or a spa day... always a spa day ;) !!!). This project gives a modern twist to the traditional framed photo gift. If you haven't been on Pinterest lately, here's what you missed, Hoops. Are. IN. Usually spray painted gold and adorned with felt or faux flowers as a wreath. They're so cute, but a little generic for a Mother's Day gift. To give it a little twist, this project can be customized with a photo, a quote or a kid's artwork to give it that personal touch. I personalized mine with a word that is special to our family, and was a favorite of my Grandma, "Rejoice".

Can't stop, won't stop with the letterboards!

Also my baby!! I can't even in this picture. How was this 9 months ago?

For this DIY, I purchased a metal hoop from Hobby Lobby for $2.49 and the rest was made of scraps I had around the house. Win! The cute letter tiles are also from Hobby Lobby. When I showed my husband this project, his first words were, "Where did you get those Scrabble tiles?". Don't worry, no Scrabble games were harmed in this project.


  • Metal hoop (Hobby Lobby near the jewelry section. An embroidery hoop would also look cute)

  • Leather Cord (Hobby Lobby. Buy double and make the headband from last week too!)

  • Scrabble-Like Tiles (Hobby Lobby scrapbooking section)

  • Frame (I found mine in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby. Pick size based on your hoop size and preference)

  • Paint (optional for frame color)

  • Faux Flowers/Leaves

  • Floral Wire

  • Hot Glue Gun

Hoop Photo Wreath

1. I originally planned on spray painting the hoop gold, like the ones in the stores, until I started the project and saw a pile of leather scraps that my friend had gifted me. They ended up looking great on the hoop! A little time was taken up by connecting the pieces so that you didn't see the strand ends in the front of the hoop. If you can buy a continuous strand, I recommend it, just for saving time. Use a line of hot glue to connect the leather to the hoop, while wrapping the leather around it.

2. Once fully wrapped, decide what flowers/leaves you want to add to the hoop. I had these scrap leaves around the house that worked great, but if you are buying faux leaves, I think magnolia or eucalyptus would look beautiful! This is a fun part where you can customize to the person you are gifting to. Once you find the placement you like, use the floral wire to attach them. Use floral wire only if you plan to cover it later with a word or with flowers, otherwise use hot glue to attach.

3. I used these faux scrabble tiles to cover the floral wire, attaching them with hot glue. Pick a special family word/phrase or a word that you think embodies the person you're gifting to. Faux flowers, felt flowers, a bow, or wrapped ribbon would also look cute!

I also love the idea of positioning the frame like a diamond, if you have a pic that will work with it!

4. The frame that I used did not have any glass, and was a random pickup from the clearance section of Hobby Lobby. A new frame would work great, or you can spruce up an old one like mine with some paint to match your theme!

5. There are many ways that you can attach the frame. For mine, a scrap piece of black leather was used to loop through the frame. Ribbon, twine, or thread would also work well, and you could attach them to the back of the frame with hot glue or a staple if your frame is wood.

6. Add your photo/ artwork to the frame and you're set! You can make a faux letterboard like the one pictured using my Letterboard Card DIY here.

This project is a great combo of cute and thoughtful. As always, I'd love to see how you customize your project! Comment here, tag me on instagram or use #malloryerinmakes so I can see your creations!

Keep Making!

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