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Hanger Wall Hangings DIY

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

When you've gotten rid of 75% of your wardrobe to make a capsule wardrobe and have a zillion hangers lying around and get tired of stepping on them or snatching them from your curious 8 month old, you DIY!

I love decorating for holidays, but often struggle with putting up fresh decor for the rest of the year, especially when it comes to my mantle. After taking down all of my Easter decor this week, my house was looking a bit bare. Tack that on to being in a post vacation funk with a sick and teething 8 month old and you have a recipe for cabin fever. God has spoken to me so much this week about being a parent and about slowing down. I used to be AWFUL at slowing down, but in recent years God has shown me the value in rest and peace in Him. As a mom, I have been brought to tears almost every day this week, which if you don't know me, says A LOT. I started a devotional with friends this week and began putting words and verses around my house to remind myself of God's truth. In the inevitable moments where I'm not feeling the truth about what God says, I can look at these reminders and proclaim them anyways. I could say so much more on this, maybe for another post. All of these situations and thoughts combined, and I decided to make some fun and truth proclaiming wall hangings!


  • Hangers

  • Fabric

  • Iron

  • Ribbon Tassles

  • Paint

  • Paper Banners

  • Succulent Banners

  • Hot Glue Gun

The fun part about these hangings is that you could really add so many things to them. I decided to go with a couple of clearance items from Target and supplies that I already had around the house. I found these gems on clearance within the past week:

Under $5 for both! Score! I loved that the tassels were ribbon (minus the gold ones) so that they would last longer than the tissue kind. At the time I got the party banner, I had no idea what I would do with it, but for $1.20 I didn't care.

I've been so inspired by the texture that comes from wall tapestries, but thinking about figuring out how to use a loom or macrame just isn't in the cards right now, so I made do with some fabric scraps, paint and my glue gun of course!

"Love Conquers" Banner

I fell in love with this Rifle Paper looking fabric a couple months ago from Hobby Lobby and bought a small amount to just have handy. I used paint to write "Love Conquers". The fabric was thick enough so that the paint wouldn't seep through. Iron on letters or a design would be another great alternative.

I started by painting each of the tops of these hangers gold with acrylic paint. I think a rose gold would be even cuter, but I didn't have any handy and nap time could end at any moment.

Instead of sewing the seems, I simply folded over the edges and ironed them down. Then, I added small amounts of hot glue just to keep them from lifting.

From there it was just another line of hot glue across the top, to attach the banner to the back of the hanger dowel.

I added two of the tassels for some interest, plus some added weight to keep the fabric laying flat. You can find the middle of the underside of the tassel, add a glob of hot glue, and attach the other tassel.

From there, just hot glue the loop of the top tassel to the back of the banner and you have a cute and positive pennant :)

Paper Banner Hanging

For this hanging, I started by disassembling the paper party banner. I arranged the pennants in a 3-2-1 descending pattern. A couple of dots of hot glue worked great to hold them all together.

I used three of the tassels this time, using the same attaching process as the "Love Conquers" banner. Only this time when attaching the tassels, I threaded them through the dots on the bottom paper banner to hang.

I love the lacy texture that this one gives!

"Give Me Jesus" Banner

I've had this cute felt succulent banner hanging in my house but decided it was time to repurpose it. Felt flowers can be found at most craft stores, or if you're feeling ambitious and have felt on hand, there are tons of great tutorials on how to make them on Pinterest. I pulled all of the succulents close together on the twine until they perfectly covered the top of the hanger and hot glued them on.

This pretty thick piece of mint felt was in my scrap pile, and I loved how it looked with the greens and the wood.

For the letters I used green floral wire, and bent it into the words that I wanted, then hot glued them to the felt. It's hard to tell in picture form, but I love the effect it gives in person. Felt cut letters, sewn letters or iron ons would also be great options.

A line of hot glue across the top of the banner to attach it to the hanger and that's it!

I love how many different uses you could get out of these. I think the mantle is my favorite. They would also be a great base for making hangings for a kiddo's room! I hope that this inspires you to repurpose items of your own and add your own creative flair! Show me all of your hanger creations by tagging me with #malloryerinmakes.

Keep Making!

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