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Easter Sunday Hair Tutorials

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Am I the only one that gets bored with their hair every other day?? When I was a kiddo, my hair stylist would tell me that I had enough hair for 5 people, and it was not an exaggeration. My hair is thick, frizzy and wavy. Not straight. Not that cute relaxed curl. Not the spunky tight ringlets. That area right in between everything. It has pushed me to get really creative, because showering and just walking out the door has never been an option. I am not a hairstylist by trade but through the years I have done countless dance up-dos, bridesmaid looks and this year, my first two bridal hair styles!

In honor of Easter and the start of Spring, I wanted to give you a couple of styles that elevate the basic half updo and pony. Some of my sweet friends came over to model and graciously entertain my child :). I've ranked the tutorials below in order of difficulty from easiest to hardest.

Look 1: Half Up Rose

Model: Abbie

Tools Used: Curling Wand 1 & 1/2 inch, Bobby Pins, Hair Spray

This hairstyle is just so romantic to me! It especially shines if you have color variation in your hair.

  • Start by curling all of your hair. For this loose wave look, I start curling midway down the hair and leave about 2 inches of the ends out (only the midsection of your hair will be on the wand, as shown below). I also always alternate the direction that the hair sections are being curled so that they don't all clump together, with the face framing pieces always curling away from the front. *For a more polished and less relaxed look, leave the ends on the wand*

  • Begin by taking hair from the back crown of your head. You can see in the top right picture below that the front hair is left out at this point. Twist the hair to one side and place bobby pins going up into the twist to hide the pins and hold it in place.

  • With your part in place how you like it, now incorporate the front pieces to the back. Crossing them over the twist and pinning in place.

  • Pull hair from crown of head to the desired volume, by pulling up with your fingers. I don't like a huge pouf, but it's nice seeing a slight elevation from the front.

  • Use the hair that is hanging from the crossover to start the rose. I follow the natural direction that the curl is going, pinning loosely in place. (You can see above that the curls are naturally curling up clockwise)

  • You could stop at this point with a mini rose, but I continued with one more wrap, taking hair from beneath the rose and wrapping in the opposite direction. Pin loosely along the way, and pull the rose pieces to the desired volume.

  • Spray spray spray and ta-da!

Also, how gorgeous is my friend!!! I can't!

Look 2: The Pony Twist

Model: Ashlyn

Tools Used: Curling Wand 1 & 1/2 inch, rubber hair elastics, bobby pins, hair spray

Side pony tails are so flattering! I like styles where you can see hair from the front. This style looks amazing with long hair but could also be modified as a side bun for shorter hair.

  • With this look, I started curling with the wand mid-way down the hair, and wrapped all the way to the ends. As with the rose tutorial, I always alternate curling the sections in opposite directions, with the face framing pieces curling away from the face. (This is especially recommended if your hair has shine or is difficult to hold a curl).

  • Begin by taking the front of one side of hair and loosely pinning it back in the middle of your head. (I gave it a little twist to hide the bobby pin).

  • With the opposite side front piece of hair, I did a loose braid and secured it with an elastic.

  • Gather the back of the hair (leaving out the front sections, including the braid). Take the front hair from the right side (that was underneath the twist) and pull it over, wrapping it around the gathered hair like a pony tail. Secure that pony with an elastic, tucking in the ends of the wrapped hair to make it look like the hair is securing the pony.

  • Now take the front hair from the left (leaving out the braid), pulling it to the back, loosely secure with a twist and a bobby pin. Use the ends to wrap around the pony wrap like before, securing it with an elastic and tucking in the ends.

  • Lastly, take the braid and pull it across the back of your head and secure it with a bobby pin. Curve the rest of the braid heading back towards the front of your face and pin again (like a sideways "U"). You can see in this pic that the end of the braid is still sticking out to the side with the elastic. Tuck this piece underneath your braid and pin. I pulled apart the braid at this point to give some volume.

Now accessorize!!!! My friend had a beautiful silk scarf and circle barrette (Madewell) that we played around with. They totally elevated the style and made it look like it was made for a special occasion.

My friend is a real life princess!!! Stunning!!!

I'd love to see your Spring Styles! Tag me at #malloryerinmakes so that I can see your creations and feature them on the Gram! As always, please feel free to leave any questions here or on my social media accounts!

Keep Making!

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