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Disney Small World Mantle Decor

Last week I pulled my one Easter bin of decor down from storage. I rummaged through about 10 items and one million plastic eggs to find one small grass rabbit figure that I liked. It was in that moment that I realized, I don’t like Spring Decorations! I always have a hard time decorating this time of year because nothing feels very me at all. The pastels, the cutesy, the animals...just not my jam. BUT I do still love decorating and switching up small spaces in my house for the seasons, and the main spot is my mantle. I searched Target, Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx hoping for some modern take on spring decor and came up empty. So I turned to my next resource, Fixer Upper! In one of the recent episodes, Jo uses this awesome terracotta tile in a design. Next, I was in a deep Pinterest dive and found this amazing tutorial from Collective Gen titled “Trash to Terracotta”. Basically you can take any existing pottery/ceramic/glass you have and make it look like terracotta with a little paint and baking powder! I tried it and I’ve been painting everything I can find! Its so quick, easy and has a huge impact!

I decided to add a little Disney flare to mine with some Mary Blair inspired Small World art. I love finding ways to do Disney differently. These touches were just the right amount for me, and they’re something that I’m excited about displaying in my home. Which is what it’s all about! Surrounding yourself with beauty in your home, and things that inspire you. I’m so glad I looked at my old decorations with fresh eyes and realized they weren’t me, because they led to something new and fun!

So let’s get into the details!

This sign was my take on a modern day chalkboard. I love the arch trend going on, but that shape is sooooo hard to cut and frame on your own. Enter this mirror from Hobby Lobby! I wasn’t sure how well the paint would cover, and I didn’t want to do a ton of coats, so I primed everything I was painting with spray paint. Best choice, because the painting process was so smooth after that!

The pieces I chose had a few different finishes: glass, mirror, ceramic, but with the base coat of spray paint, they all worked! The color I chose for spray paint was based on what I wanted for the frame portion of the mirror.

Next, paint!

You can use the terra-cotta effect with any color, but I decided to use more traditional terracotta colors to make the result more convincing.

This portion went so quickly. Pour the paint, add a spoonful of baking powder and apply! The paint will start to look frothy/airy after you mix it, which is perfect. I did notice that the paint dries more quickly with the baking powder, so plan to use up the amount you poured all in one sitting. I did two coats on the mirror and glass pieces. Use a foam brush if you want a smooth look, and a traditional paintbrush for a more textured look.

The result was SOOO good!

The quote and small world painted details were done using the same technique. If you need to use painters tape, I would suggest applying a clear matte spray paint before adding the details. The painters tape will want to lift your terracotta layer off if it’s on a glass surface. I suggest that after you add your details, that you apply the clear spray to seal it. Find an indoor/outdoor spray so that they will be able to last outside.

How cute would these be as a gift! Just adds a personal touch to a potted plant or bouquet of flowers.

This next project was inspired by all of the work we‘ve been doing on renovating our front yard. I’ve been wanting to do a tile project but have been intimidated by the glue and grout situation. This is my small scale trial, and it actually wasn’t bad!

I picked up these 9 tiles for 75 cents at Home Depot. Another reason I’ve been itching to try tile, so cheap!!! I hit them with the same spray paint as a base coat, and applied the terracotta paint. Spray with a clear matte coat to seal.

My husband cut a piece of scrap wood to apply the tile to. A zigzag of glue on the back of each tile. Some grout, and done! Apply the grout generously and use a wet cloth to wipe the excess.

You could use this technique for so many things! A side table, a tray, siding, indoor/outdoor. I can’t wait to try new tile projects!

The result of all these things together gave me the exact aesthetic I was looking for, and can be done so inexpensively. This project is perfect for thrifted or unused items.

I’d love to see if you try out this technique! I hope you feel inspired to fill your home with what makes you happy. Even if that’s Disney decor in your 30’s. Embrace it!

Mallory Erin

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