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Disney Hoop Wreath DIY

Any chance I can combine Disney and DIY is a win for me. I realize not everyone is a Disney fanatic...but why tho? Now that they also run the Marvel and Star Wars universe, I'm pretty much committed. This DIY was inspired by my beautiful friend who is getting married in June. I thought it would be a perfect new home, Summer welcome. (She is also on the Disney train with me big time). This was a quick DIY and you could do so many cute color combos with the flowers and ribbons!

Let's get to it!


  • 3 Metal Hoops (Hobby Lobby Jewelry Section)

  • Floral Wire

  • Faux Flowers

  • Ribbon

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Gold Spray Paint (optional)

1) The hoops came silver, but I decided to spray them a pretty gold color. I think that a rose gold spray, or some kind of glitter would also look cute on these! You could also cover all of the hoops with flowers, so that no metal is showing.

2) Once sprayed, the hoops were attached with floral wire and reinforced with a generous amount of hot glue.

3) Next, I pulled the faux flowers off of their stems, and cut off any remaining parts of the stems so that the flowers would lay flat on the hoop. I arranged the flowers until I liked the combination and then hot glued them on. This type of metal material was not the biggest fan of hot glue, but I secured the flowers more by hot gluing them all the way around the back, like a loop to hold them in place.

4) The bow was made by looping fabric back and forth until I liked the fullness. Bunch and secure in the middle with floral wire, and use the excess floral wire to wrap around the hoop to attach. A little strip of ribbon was cut and attached with hot glue to hide the wire, and make the middle of the bow.

That's it! You could make a ribbon to hang the wreath from, or just let it rest on a nail like this one. You could also make a more full wreath by using bundles of flowers with the stems on. Simply use floral wire to wrap around the stems. You can cover them later with more detached flowers and hot glue (the flowers will adhere well to the stems).

Tag me in your adorable Disney Wreath creations with #malloryerinmakes. I can't wait to see how you modify this! I'm already thinking about making some fun movie themed ones! Which should I try next? Coco? Incredibles? Star Wars? Tangled???(My all time fave!)

Keep Making!

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