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Capsule Wardrobe

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Januarys have always been a time of evaluation for me. For the past few years I have been reading about capsule wardrobes but have been unable to fully commit to giving one a go. I've always disliked clutter but becoming a mom in 2017 was the push I needed to make me dislike excess enough to finally do something about it. Enter my winter capsule!

If you have never heard of a capsule wardrobe, you can read more about them, and how to build one here. The basic concept is to pair down your closet by season to 37 items (rigidity on this number not needed) not including accessories, outerwear and workout clothes. One of the main rules combats a huge issue I have, NO SHOPPING for the entire season until you're ready to build the next season's capsule. The goal of this whole experiment is to be content with less and to say no to those impulse buys, but I'm two months in and have gained so much more!!

My Initial fears about starting a capsule:

  • I'm not going to have enough choices


  • What will people think about me doing this? (I initially cringed at how pretentious I sounded saying the words capsule wardrobe...ew!)

  • I don't have the right pieces (I decided to do this on a whim and did not do the specific shopping prep for the season)

  • Did I mention NO SHOPPING!?

I took one day, and followed the guide, removing EVERYTHING from my closet and separating them into four piles: Love It, Maybe, Seasonal and Donate. The love it obviously went back into the closet and the maybe and seasonal were put into separate under the bed storage containers. The result was this:

YEEEEES! I immediately felt better! I originally had two of these Ikea units packed with double the amount of drawers and clothing rods.

What I've learned from doing a capsule:

  • With a back history of anxiety and depression, having less clothes to choose from has been a breath of fresh air for me! No more piles of clean clothes on the ground from the indecision of the morning, because I enjoy all of the clothes I kept! I have even removed two more tops from my initial capsule because I found myself never reaching for them.

  • Two weeks into this experiment I started telling my close friends about what I was doing because the changes in how I felt were amazing! Two of my friends joined me by clearing out their closets that weekend, and two more have joined since!! It has been such a joy to do this with a community and to keep each other accountable.

  • Even though I didn't specifically prepare for this season, I've still learned a lot about my wardrobe. When you pair down your closet to about 15 tops, you will start to see what is most important to you in clothing. Some of my friends capsules revealed color palettes and patterns that are important to them. The common thread I found in my closet, COMFORT. Anything sheer, or tight fitting is now gone. Favorite brands could also be prominent.

  • I have curbed my need to shop by putting prep work into planning my Spring capsule. It has been fun to look online and explore on pinterest. Having less has really revealed the styles I love to wear. Shopping has become less emotionally charged for me and more about making a plan to buy things that I will actually use for a long time.

Moving Forward

As I mentioned, my friends and I are soooooo excited for Spring Capsule planning! We have a date on the calendar at the end of March to go shopping together for pieces we're missing from our seasonal boxes. Most of us are looking at staple pieces that will last long and be versatile. They will be there to avert me from all things statement pieces (I'm such a sucker for unique statement pieces!!!! Anthro I'm looking at you). If you want to see some of my planning for Spring, you can check out my Spring Capsule pinterest board here. My sweet friend also found us a great, more extensive, capsule planning workbook that I've linked here.

I will follow up with a Spring Capsule post after our shopping day, including all of our girl gang shenanigans and my pieces for April-June.

What do you think? Are you curious about this capsule wardrobe thing? My friends and I have had many questions along the way, with one of the main ones concerning the indecision of Cali weather!!! I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments or questions and would love to hear if you're joining this ride with us!

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