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Boo Bags

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

These trick or treat bags bring back the good time vibes of using pillowcases for candy bags. The perfect size for storing an ambitious amount of candy!

I knew I wanted to add a fun Disney image to the bags. I love the designs of the Halloween balloons at Disneyland, and this year’s gave me all the vintage feels😍. It was the perfect addition!

My Tie dye method takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. So simple! Instead of using traditional tie dye dyes that you squirt on, I use RIT dye. This color combo turned out vintage/worn looking and I love it! I used RIT tangerine and purple to achieve this look. Then just use a plain white tote bag as the base. I found this 5 pack of white canvas totes on Amazon for $12.99.


Dye the whole bag with the orange dye using the instructions on the RIT dye. *You do not have to keep the bag in as long as it says on the instructions. Keep a close watch on the bag until it reaches the desired color. I kept mine in for under 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water and toss in the dryer.

Use rubber bands or hair ties to section off the bag. I used two on each side to make this circle pattern.

Prep the purple dye and put the orange bag with bands in. *I kept mine in for about 15 minutes. It will look just slightly darker than when it dries. Rinse in cool water again and dry.

Then to add embellishments! I used Cricut iron-on vinyl on mine. I’ve ended up using my Cricut Joy machine for SO many things this year. My machine only does smaller designs, but I spliced the image to cut out and piece together and it worked great!

There are so many ways you could customize these! If you don’t have a Cricut machine, look into fun iron on patches, or pre printed vinyls on Etsy.

If you have your own machine, feel free to use the image below!

Keep Making!

Mallory Erin

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