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Balloon Garland DIY

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Balloon garlands have been popping up everywhere online, and are one of the cheapest and surprisingly, easiest ways to make a big impact at your event! I've tried a few different techniques and think I've finally landed on the quickest and most lasting ways to construct one.

Here is the most recent balloon garland I made for my son's Jurassic party. The fake palm leaves were used throughout the party and were a fun texture addition to the balloons.


  • Balloons matching your color scheme (the ones above were purchased at party city and the garland still looked perfect a week after it was made. Dollar store balloons will work if you are willing to have the garland together for about 24 hours.)

  • Floral Wire (mine was from Dollar Tree. One package was the perfect length for this garland.)

  • Low Temp Hot Glue Gun

  • Any Accessories to add to the garland (leaves/flowers etc)


1) Blow up balloons in varying sizes.

2) Unroll floral wire and begin to string balloons onto the wire through the extra piece of balloon beyond the tie off. When stringing the balloons for the indoor garland, I left gaps for adding hot glued balloons later, as shown below.

If you don't want as abstract of a garland, you can just continue to string on the balloons so that they are close together and look more like columns. These are the simplest to construct! Here is an example of the column balloon structures below.

3) If you're planning on hanging the abstract balloon structure, it may be easier to hang it before adding the rest of the balloons with the glue gun. I used fishing line and tacks to hang the structure from my ceiling. Then, use a low temp glue gun to keep adding balloons to fill in the gaps. Use the hot glue to attach the balloons to each other (not the wire). It seems so weird to put hot glue on balloons but WOW it works amazingly! Keep adding balloons until you're happy with the structure, and so that it covers the wire.

4) After you like the placement of balloons, add any fun accessories like leaves or flowers. Some may just tuck in easily, and others you may need a little hot glue.

That's it! If you have any questions about this tutorial or decide to make a balloon garland of your own, comment here or tag me on instagram @mallory.erin.makes #malloryerinmakes.

Keep Making!

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