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Avengers Lego Shelf

The fun part about this project is that you can make it as simple or complex as you like! It’s a great DIY for any level. Keep it simple and attach Lego plates to a pre made shelf. Go all out and create a 3D small world with a water feature.. this is where my mind goes too 😆. No matter how big or small you want to make this project, I hope these tips help!

We used scrap wood for the avengers tower base. It was a rectangle and we just used the off cut to go across and make it a little 3D.

For the shelves, I bought strips of Hobby pine from Home Depot. I wanted the shelves to be pretty slim, but you could make them larger with some more reinforcing.

They went on easy with some wood glue and clamps. Wipe away any excess glue before it dries.

My husband got a mini CNC machine for Christmas and this was our first time trying it out! He used it to make the Avengers logo I love the 3D aspect but you could also easily use a decal or paint.

Next, it was time to choose paint. If you’re using natural wood, I feel like staining it or sealing it would look so cool! Because we were using scrap MDF, I decided to go the painted route. I like a matte look and decided to go with a chalk finish spray paint.

Then to break the Lego plates! I was not sure how this would go down but wow was it easy! count how many Lego studs you want the depth to be, score it with a craft knife and bend to detach. You will be surprised how easily they come apart! I got a pack on Amazon that already had adhesive on the back. There were plenty of colors to choose from.

I used spray adhesive on the edges for some extra sticking power but the adhesive they came with seems like it would have done the trick on its own. Once my son and I started playing with it, I noticed it would be fun to be able to build underneath the shelf, so we simply cut and added more plates to a few of the bottoms of the shelves.

Its pretty heavy, so we secured ours with some wall dog screws so it can endure play 😊.

And that’s it! Tag me or use #makebelieversmagic if you decide to try this out! I love seeing what you make!

Cheers to the Make Believers!

- Mallory

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