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Not a regular mom…

Hope you enjoy this free Mother’s Day printable!

Use the half page for making a card or use the full page for a cute print 😊.

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Easter egg hunting just got a whole lot cuter! Everything is better with Bluey! I somehow manage to sneak Bluey in as an option every time my kids are picking shows. There is so much creativity in each episode! I love doing the Easter Egg scavenger hunts at Disneyland and thought it would be fun to make our own egg hunt board…with Bluey characters! Milo had so much fun taking turns hiding and finding the eggs. Hopefully this can help fill up some Spring Break time for you! Hide the eggs and enjoy a cup of coffee 😊. You can print the images below and follow the steps to make your own reusable game!

1. Print and Cut

Print and cut all of the eggs and game board on cardstock.

2. Command Strips

Cut a Velcro command strip into pieces for the mini egg markers. (This way you can play again and again)

3. Attach board

Use foam board or cardboard on the back of the game board to make it more sturdy.

4. Play

You can play with multiple kids by hiding one set of the big eggs in fun locations and giving everyone a game board with markers. This makes it more like the Disneyland version where you don’t collect the eggs, just spy them. Play just for fun or give out stickers for completing the board 😊.

I hope you can enjoy this activity with your family!

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Loud and proud Disney adult coming through! I had so much fun remembering park memories and making these!

Kids already get so many cute Valentines, so I thought I’d get adults in on the fun! I hope you can use them with your park loving friends. They’d make the perfect Galentines card!

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